Luxury Panerai Unveils New Concept Submersible Replica Watch

Since SIHH proposed a recyclable “Eco Titanium” watch case and a matching PAM985 recyclable nylon strap two years ago, it is only a matter of time before Panerai replica watches raises the challenge of environmental awareness to a new level. That is the new Submersible eLAB-ID PAM 1225, which is an impressive new concept perfect replica watch. It uses nearly 99% recycled materials to make it, and it may be a full cycle, sustainable watchmaking industry. The future opens the door.

Replica Concept Submersible Watch

This means that not only the case and strap have been recycled as we have seen before, but also the key movement components, the precious metal of the rotor, the dial, the hands, the sapphire crystal, and even those used to reduce the iconic color of luxury Panerai replica watches. Paint now can produce low luminosity by reusing post-consumer or industrial raw material waste. This is by far the highest percentage of recycled materials used to produce watches-but the real driving force is that Panerai replica is opening up the entire supply chain used to develop watches in the hope that more brands will use it as Launch the blueprint of the blueprint.

In addition to nearly 100% recycled items, PAM1225 replica watch has some other pioneering and near-first innovations. Perhaps the most obvious is that it is the first non-precious metal diving watch in a 44mm case. Goldtech PAM1070 is technically the first 44mm submersible ever. This is good news for those who find that the 47mm submersible is too large and the 42mm variant is too small.

PAM1225 is also equipped with Panerai’s first silicon hairspring, which is a recycled component manufactured in cooperation with French manufacturer Sil’tronix Silicon Technologies and Swiss Sigatec. Therefore, the movement of PAM1225 is actually the movement of P.900e. It is now mainly composed of parts such as the movement bridge and the rotor. Recycle materials. It seems that this will be the possibility that we could not see silicon and recycled elements in the Panerai replica watches movement last time.