Top quality Panerai Luminor Base Logo 3 Days replica watches

The Panerai Luminor Base Logo 3 Days wristwatch was updated in 2018, effectively marking the brand’s use of ETA movement in any wristwatch. You will notice that we have covered the previous version of the Base logo in the entry cost series, which is the ETA mobile version. After the standard Base Logo was released, Panerai released the Luminor Marina Logo updated in 3 days.

Panerai Luminor Base Logo P.6000 Movement 

The previous movement used in Luminor Base Logo is OP I, which is an improved version of ETA 6497 manual air movement. This movement is actually a pocket swiss Panerai replica watches movement (suitable for 44 mm wide watches), with 56 hours of power storage. The new p.6000 movement (4.5mm thick) is also powered by manual wind, with a speed of 21,600 revolutions per minute and a clear power reserve of three days.

The p.6000 movement has hacker second hand function, which is the title of the new fake Panerai Luminor Base Logo 3 days, but there is also an updated Luminor Marina Base Logo. Maybe we’ll see more at SIHH in a few months. At a super competitive price of more than $5,000, I think Panerai is wise to update the Luminor Marina with a second hand, because, silly as it is, many people think it is a lack of a second hand and a cheaper quartz watch. This is a cynical view, but many have noted that the shift to an internal movement is partly to increase the number of Panerai services that will add more to average long-term costs.


In the last comment, you’ll notice that the Base logo has a very flat “sausage” dial. The more expensive sandwich dial has two dials, a solid bottom dial with lume and an upper dial with an hour mark cut. On the 6 o ‘clock dial, you can see Panerai’s namesake design on the watch, with the “OP” logo for Officine Panerai. Paneristis may have weighed this better than I did, but I believe the OP logo that was difficult to find in the past and the collectible features that became more common later on in the early days of the revived AAA Panerai replica.

Given the decline in contemporary taste, 44mm is still quite large. Of course, for those looking for smaller cases, there is Luminor Due. The Base Logo is classic love or hate its cheap Panerai replica watches. Large, squat, with an identifiable crown guard on either side of the right. Compared with the previous version of the Base Logo, many people have understandable complaints about the reduced waterproof performance. While the upcoming model will be 300 meters deep, the new model will be 100 meters deep. Obviously, for most people, 100 meters is enough, but with this utilitarian attitude, not to mention the crown guard, people feel that things like waterproofing are not negatively affected.