Three green elements recommended luxury replica watches

It is also approaching the end of the year that the inventory of the hot words over the past year has changed from “See Every Friday” to “Hello everyone, introduce to everyone this is …”. Inventory the hot words of the year or the hottest color, “forgive green” high frequency of people can not ignore. In the watch brand, has also been favored to green as a watch color, best swiss replica watches home today for everyone brought a few with a green element of the watch, the green in your hand, life will not be more hope ?

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 Series PAM00737 watch
Product Type: PAM00737
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Movement Type: Manual Machinery
Movement Model: P.2004
Case material: matte titanium
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: This is a typical feature of the LUMINOR 1950 series Panerai, 44 mm matte titanium case and equipped with Panerai in the 1950s on the patented classic bridge device to protect the winding crown to ensure that Waterproof watch. Watch equipped with P.2004 manual winding mechanical movement, completely independent development by Panerai, which is a major breakthrough Panerai. The original Panerai Replica Watches dense table cover design is very easy to imitate the manufacture of fake watches or refurbished, this only PAM00737 back through the design, clearly visible movement of the operation. Dark green dial design, with a silver matte titanium case, and then equipped with Panerai rugged natural brown leather strap. New color combinations, only in the global Panerai store for sale.

Rolex MILGAUSS Series 116400-GV-72400 black plate watch
Product Type: 116400-GV-72400 black disk
Domestic price: 63200
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: Rolex in the use of green can be said to have a very successful example. “Green Ghost” success, but also from such a side of the Rolex “every green will fire” effect. Many people like the “green shui” domineering, special, or even “Sao.” But some people think that in their daily lives, “Green Shui Gui” is difficult to control. So this one “green glass” has filled the desire of these people for “green”. Low-key green revealed from the sapphire crystal glass, orange lightning pointer and the green with the extraordinarily coordinated. The case diameter of 40mm is suitable for more people’s wrist diameter, so if you think you can not control the “Green Ghost”, this “green glass” is not bad.

Omega Speedmaster watch
Product Type: 304.
Domestic price: 96200
Watch diameter: 44.25 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: 9904
Case Material: Stainless steel – gold color case
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: do not always think green belongs to the wild color. But when it comes to the design of the dial, green can always be just as pleasant as expected. Compared to the ordinary super, this super-green will be applied to the bezel design. In comparison, the green bezel is more subtle than the large area green, but more visible than the green crystal. With silver-gray dial and bracelet, the green is more prominent, but also more harmonious. Advanced texture arises spontaneously. This is a chronograph equipped with the moon phase, using automatic movement cal.9904 movement.
To sum up: “If you want to live a decent life, you must have a green body.” This is a ridicule for the complicated sexual relations in the entertainment industry. However, it can be used as an interesting collocation theorem in the lives of ordinary people. Green Whether it is in the hot summer, or in the cold winter, can bring a bright spot. Above these green luxury replica watches for sale, which one hit your heart?

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 Replica Watches

Founded in 1860, Panerai is renowned for its precision machinery and superior quality. Today’s Panerai highly recognizable design, the brand’s high recognition occupy a very important part of the sports and leisure areas of the high-end watch and watch market. Italian design style and Swiss expertise make each Panerai watch have a distinctive brand style and excellent quality. The PAM00682, unveiled at the SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon in 2017, made its debut on the show following the usual style of the Panerai Luminor collection: a large bezel surrounded by a bezel and a lug Bridge. And this PAM00682 watch in addition to these elements, it’s body what is worth tracing it? Lets come look.

PAM00682 real shot chart
Relative to the Panerai conventions are generally 44 mm, 47 mm or 49 mm case diameter, PAM00682 only 42 mm case diameter so many suffer from their wrist slender can not control the Panerai table Friends revived on Panerai Favorite. For most men, the 42mm case diameter is the perfect size for everyday wear. As a result, Panerai is more than “short-sleeved”, but “summer” to wear it. 9 o’clock small seconds with blue pointer, especially striking in the black dial, 3 o’clock date display window.

9 o’clock small seconds blue pointer
LUMINOR series after World War II has been more perfect R & D. The new LUMINOR series is unique because of its crown bridge, linear lugs have also been strengthened, and the case with one-piece casting, the case continues the Radiomir 1940 watch the pillow-shaped case and flat, wide table frame. Now equipped with the case of the watch, called the Luminor 1950 series.

In terms of water resistance, the PAM00682 incorporates a special lever mechanism that allows the crown to be placed close to the case, dramatically reducing the chance of water vapor infiltrating the case, a technology that has long been registered as a patented design. At the same time, PAM00682 watch strap made of rubber strap, easy to wear in daily life, especially for those who need to work and live in the water, water environment often.

Brushed stainless steel case, pit pattern bezel, and round rivets on the bezel-like design, all to reveal to people the rough style of Panerai and fine polished to provide excellent texture.

Panerai unique crown and bridge design, not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of design, but also enhance its waterproof performance, making LUMINOR 1950 series watch more durable. This design, has become a symbol of the Panerai brand.

The tritium material used in the Panerai Luminor range emits itself, replacing the original radium coating, which is why the Luminor range is known. This tritium (hydrogen isotope) based compound was registered January 11, 1949 patent, registered trademark or “Luminor.” This design greatly enhances the practicality and safety in daily life, even if the performance is still outstanding in the case of professional performance, which has been ordered by the army in batches.

The PAM00682 movement using Panerai self-winding movement cal.9010, 9010 power reserve of 72 hours, long power reserve function, providing convenience for everyday use. More importantly, the new movement than the original 9000 movement without changing the performance of the case, reducing the thickness, so watch is more slim, easy to wear.

Summary: After a long and perfect evolution, Panerai LUMINOR 1950 replica series followed the Luminor series of classic and legend, which is Panerai abandoned in the course of development and the results of the opposition. Panerai because of its superb craftsmanship and distinctive style, many fans become chasing one of the watch brands collection. This one PAM00682 also has Panerai excellent pedigree and innovative design, it is worth entering.

Fake Panerai LUMINOR 1950 bronze diving watch

At the Geneva watch show earlier this year, Panerai diving series watch can be said to shine, we have seen no less than 6 kinds of new Submersible style, and the use of a variety of case material, from stainless steel Titanium to rose gold, each with its own characteristics. One of the bronze diving watch 671 using jump color design I believe we all remember that this is the third bronze watch Panerai, Panerai in 2012 was first introduced at the time was called the “God of the Table” bronze Watch 382, ​​which is also one of the most memorable table watches for all Fake Panerai Watches fans, followed by the launch of the second bronze 507 in 2013. Four years later, Panerai again put the bronze watch Gorgeously presented in the eyes of the world. (Watch model: PAM00671)

Panerai new retro bronze diving watch
Case made of bronze material
Case diameter 47 mm, made entirely of bronze material, this material is copper and pure tin alloy, the corrosion of seawater and environmental conditions have a very high resistance.

Case outline
The structure of the watch looks very hard and the material maintains a soft primary color, but it does not always maintain that color. Over time, its surface will be covered with a layer of green embroidery because the bronze and External factors produce a reaction; however, this does not change the properties of this material, but traces of time give each watch a unique charm. Wearers at different times to see the watch will always look different, this is probably the most attractive bronze watch the place.

Rotate bezel and side crown
The classic crown guard and indexing revolving bezel are also made of bronze, the bezel is used to calculate the dive time, and the patented system developed by Panerai connects the case to ensure that every adjustment is made Accurate

Crown protection bridge device

Sea blue dial
Sea blue dial layout is very simple, Panerai classic hollow pointer, stick and dot scale have not changed, 3 o’clock position with date display window, 9 o’clock position for small seconds. Blue dial with a bronze case looks really comfortable, blue plate just right to neutralize the color of the bronze case, showing a matte texture, set off each other out of a quaint nautical style.

Luminous coating coated with time-scales and hands
This bronze diving watch on a very good detail is the retro taste of the luminous hours mark, a very sense of the times, although it looks and the initial state of the bronze case slightly less than take, but with the case after the oxidation, The interplay between them will be more and more visually appealing. In addition, the dial on the scale, pointer and calendar window numbers are used the same color, do not let the simple dial with too fancy colors.

Sailing wind leather strap
Watch with a nautical style stitching leather strap and the same is a matte bronze material pin buckle.

Back through the movement display
The back of the case in direct contact with the wrist is made of titanium and the back cover is sapphire crystal glass. The swiss movement replica watches is equipped with P.9010 self-winding movement, this entirely by the brand-made movement thickness of only 6mm, P.9000 movement than the previous PAM 382 also thin 1.9mm, with more Item practical function, providing watch power reserve for three days. In addition, the watch’s quick timing device, the hour hand beating back and forth in units of one hour, will not affect the watch operation.

Panerai PAM 617 watch overall display
Summary: Panerai PAM 617 luxury replica watches for sale with a brand new way of interpretation of the brand and the maritime indissoluble bond, when the case met bronze blue sea dial, retro feeling overwhelming. As before, this watch is still limited to 1000, with the PAM 382 is still hot precedent, this bronze diving watch the emergence of a sought-after situation is inevitable.