Panerai Luminor GMT Ghost replica watches for big sale

In the absence of any Panerai literature, PAM00237, nicknamed the ghost, is indeed an elusive model. It is speculated that PaneraiLuminor GMT (GMT) was designed specifically for celebrity star brad Pitt. The concept is not unrealistic, since brad Pitt is a big fan of the brand, often seeing Panerai Radiomir or Luminor on his wrist. In addition, Panerai has in the past produced exclusive short versions of its timetables for well-known customers. PAM00237, limited to 400, is a super-rare cheap Panerai replica watch .

Apart from one detail, the Panerai Luminor GMT Ghost is almost the same as PAM00088. On Panerai PAM00088, the small stop-assisted dial is silver, while on PAM00237 it is black. Therefore, the 9 o ‘clock register of the Panerai “Ghost” model is integrated into the black of the main dial.

As Panerai began its history as a diving watch for the Italian royal navy, the dial readability, especially in the dark, was important. As a result, the large dial, combined with a large luminous index, Arabic numerals and Pointers are features of the best fake Panerai watches. The Panerai Luminor is designed to withstand a diving depth of 1,000 feet (300 meters).

The special Panerai Luminor GMT Ghost ranks 172nd out of 400 models. It USES a 44mm stainless steel case and a typical smooth domed watch ring. Since it is a Luminor model, the protection of the upper chain crown is an iconic protective cover. The crown is opened by means of a lever, allowing the wearer to turn the upper chain crown, which keeps the watch from leaking when it is closed. Exaggerated crown escorts – called suspension Bridges by  Panerai swiss replica– are unique to the Luminor model. Since this is a GMT watch, Panerai Luminor PAM00237 displays two separate time zones simultaneously. The 24-hour (or GMT) pointer points to the 24-hour scale around the outside of the dial to track the second time zone. Panerai’s utility adds a 3 o ‘clock date window.

We rarely meet people who want to sell a Panerai replica watches like this, which is understandable given their needs. Ghost, which provides power for Luminor GMT, is a Panerai OP VIII COSC certified engine core with a 42-hour power reserve. PAM00237 is a beautiful brown crocodile leather watch strap with white sutures. For the best safety and comfort, stainless steel butterfly buckle is adopted. In addition to its limited edition status, mysterious origins and potential connections to brad Pitt, the PAM00237 “Ghost” Panerai watch is a popular collectible.

Panerai Luminor Replica Watches For Sale

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