AAA Panerai Updated Luminor Due Watch Replica Watches

Panerai Luminor Due Collection luxury replica watch has more than 3 years of history, but the ultra-thin series branch of the famous series is definitely out of date. This update of the Panerai Luminor Due Watch Collection brings together a series of navy blue daylight and frosted hazel dials that look great on each other. PAM0145, with an 18-carat rose gold case and a smooth red alligator leather strap, sticks out like a sore thumb.

The AAA replica Panerai Luminor Due aims to meet the challenging needs of 21st century audiences, that is, both functionality and formality are required in the same work. The uniqueness of the Luminor Due series is its slim case, which enhances the official certification of the product line. Three of the models are only 38mm. Although not a novelty for the Due series, it is undoubtedly an appreciation for viewers who like Panerai replica’s aesthetics but cannot bear the huge size or even Panerai replica watch’s aesthetics. A bigger wrist exists.

These best replica watches are equipped with manufacturing movements, ranging in size from the surprisingly small 38mm (PAM00926, PAM01043 and PAM01405) to the more typical 45mm (PAM00964). Located between the two extremes are the reference diameters PAM00927 and PAM01046, both of which are 42mm in diameter. In addition to sharing the internal movement, all six new models are equipped with fast interchangeable belts.

Panerai Radiomir Replica Watches Black Dial

Inspired from the elegant fake Panerai Radiomir watches in 1930s and choosing the original navy watch size 47 mm, which loyal to the original, and also engraved the past 12 edge shape bezel and the ball chain crown, and the contracted small three stitches layout brings the strong flavour rotor style, the platinum rare materials is worthy to savor for the fans.

The Extreme Minimalism

The stainless steel case fake Panerai PAM00521 engraved the magnificent history and the daring character of Panerai, its case adopts the former three type structure, and the prominent 12 side bezel, and also sends the retro feel and the maritime character of 1930s.

The Deep Origin Of Ocean

The ocean style has become a part of the Panerai culture, and all the revealed 47mm watches, as well as the distinctive Radiomir, the Luminor case, the sandwich dial, that all have become an element to identify the Panerai. And it is also not an coincidence that fancy Panerai fake was founded in 19th century and received the order forms from the Italy royal navy at the beginning of the 20th century, that just for the brand personality of taking the risk and dare to make the trouble.

Rose Gold Version

The new replica Panerai PAM00522 choose a brown alligator strap, and according to the models respectively matching the white gold and red gold buckle.