Luxury Replica Panerai LUMINOR MARINA 1950 42 mm

Panerai, a luxury watch brand, has decades of history of making timekeeping tools for the Italian Navy. In the 1990s, with the 9-hour position of the small seconds disc design and high-visibility shell, the Luminor watch became the favorite of the watch friends, and this classic design also makes Panerai gradually become a contemporary high-level movement One of the symbols of Luxury Replica Panerai Watches, won the favorite of many watch lovers. To further enrich the Luminor Marina collection, Panerai is introducing the new Luminor Marina 1950 three-day power reserve automatic stainless steel watch this year. (Watch model: PAM01392)

At present, the brand is gradually replacing some P.9010 movement with the P.9010 movement, which is completely self-developed. It gradually upgrades some timepieces to make the movement more slim and make the watch more convenient to wear while carrying the new movement Watch, will be in the previous generation models, with the number “1” to show different.

Case made of stainless steel alloy (AISI 316L) material, the diameter of 42 mm, the thickness of only 13.2 mm. Suitable for more people to wear. Bezel polished polished, smooth and delicate.
Equipped with a unique Panerai logo crown protector bridge, is founded in 1860 Panerai brand for the Italian Navy to provide the crown design crown. Give the military luxury replica watches for sale better waterproof performance, which is also an important brand of the patent.

Dial with black “sandwich” sandwich structure, reflecting the classic Panerai style: an important set of Arabic numerals hour clock hour markers, bar-shaped hour markers, 9-hour position with small seconds plate (with blue pointer). Small seconds and the central, minute hands, luminous time-mark has some, even in a dark environment can also be clear when the view is more convenient.

Calendar display window at 3 o’clock position for the replica watches forum add practical performance.
Stainless steel alloy (AISI 316L) has excellent corrosion resistance, making this watch water resistant up to 10 bar (approx. 100 m). One piece formed lugs exquisite, durable. The curvature of the natural smooth, well fit the wearer wrist, ergonomic.

Back through the process design, the wearer can see through the transparent blue crystal glass back cover, watch the mechanical beauty. Powered by the brand’s self-developed P.9010 self-winding caliber, 6.0 mm thick, the Glucydur® balance wheel vibrates 28,800 vibrations per hour. Has Incabloc® Shock Absorption and two barrels for 3 days power reserve. (Table models for a limited edition of 1500, because the number will involve sales and customer privacy, hidden in this)

Selection of black crocodile leather strap with light brown hit color suture trim, the natural clear lines lines, patchwork, giving the best replica watches review more mature flavor, showing the elegance.

Watch with needle clasp, the top of the clasp engraved with the brand name in English. Clasp is also constructed of stainless steel (AISI 316L), durable and integrated with the case.

Panerai watch is positioned as sports, leisure in the field of high-end models, this LUMINOR MARINA 1950 42 mm three-day power automatic stainless steel swiss movement replica watches is also true, the classic atmosphere and has a full gentleman atmosphere, giving people to stay Impressed.

Replica Panerai LUMINOR DUE 3-day power reserve titanium watch

Since birth, Panerai and “big” complement each other, with a large case, a large dial, a large strap, the Grand Bridge and so on design. It is true that the atmosphere of the Pei Fan children watch enthusiasts fascinated by many, but the exaggerated case design so many people discouraged. Indeed, before the Panerai four series in the design are too thick partial large, so wrist a little more difficult to control the table friends. Fortunately, in 2016, the brand launched a new series of Luminor Due, in addition to retaining many of the classic features of Panerai, adding the slimness of the new watch, breaking the Replica Panerai “unscrupulous” stalemate for Table friends who love Panerai watch to provide more choices. This year, the brand once again injects fresh blood into this outstanding and innovative collection, among which is the Panerai LUMINOR DUE 3-day power reserve titanium watch that we will introduce next, with a durable, frosted titanium case Elegant and stylish dark blue dial, urban fashion more concentrated atmosphere.

Lighter, slimmer and more stylish

The Luminor Due collection is inspired by the classic design of the Panerai antique wristwatches, with a sleek, minimalist design that includes a classic pillow case, large dial, one-piece lugs, crown protectors, Continuation of the essence of the brand tradition. At the same time, Luminor Due series also adapt to the changes in today’s watch design, the lines are more simple, thinner, lighter, more stylish, is a formal, sports and leisure can be attended to the wild models.

Watch real shot details show

Panerai LUMINOR DUE 3-day power reserve titanium watch (watch model: PAM00728)

This time, the new 42-mm matte titanium pillow case makes the titanium lighter and more durable and more durable than traditional stainless steel. As you can see from the side of this luxury replica watches for sale, the bezel is polished and polished to match the matte titanium case, presenting two different views. Inheritance brand patent table ear bridge designed to give the watch more brand characteristics at the same time, to protect the inner ear and watch the airtight, full reliability.

The watch has a thickness of 10.5 mm
Beautiful satin sun lines dark blue dial, in the case of light exposure, visual effects even better. Arabic numerals, bar-hour markers and the central two-needle background against each other, so that time is clear and intuitive instructions. 9 o’clock position set small seconds, reproducing the classic style of the brand simple disk.

The hour-markers, hands and small seconds plate are covered with luminous part, in the dark environment can issue a striking green light, the instructions clear, very beautiful.

Watch equipped with P.1000 manual winding three-day power reserve mechanical movement, to ensure the accuracy of travel time. Equipped with stop-seconds-zero device, so that the watch can be perfectly synchronized with the reference time signal, so that the school’s time adjustment is accurate and convenient. Back through the design, giving the back cover more mechanical beauty, full of ornamental.

Dark blue crocodile leather strap

Frosted titanium pin buckle
Dark blue crocodile leather strap, decorated by dark blue stitching, nice, full of flavor. With titanium metal pin buckle, decorated with Panerai English logo, showing a beautiful wrist wrist. Classic pin buckle can protect the wrist in the wrist safety, more reliable.

Watch Price: RMB 60,900
Summary: This year, Panerai undoubtedly made further innovations in the product structure. The main features of the new watch are based on new materials, new technologies and new color matching results, making the new watch more slimmer and more cosmopolitan. Panerai LUMINOR DUE 3-day power reserve titanium watch is the case, the popular color blue into the watch, with the slim, classic pillow case integration, together with the excellent P.1000 manual winding movement , Set style and performance as one, giving a deep impression. Friends like this watch friends, may wish to enter the brand stores to understand the details.

About 50,000 high-level luxury replica watches which can be selected

50,000 yuan budget, it should be said, is a relatively high position to buy a watch, and although the bulk of domestic buy a lot of people spend, but for most people, fifty thousand can actually do a lot of things. So for the 50,000 yuan to buy the table, most people must devaluation of the Rolex, Million or Omega, but this time, I would like to recommend something else, because those who buy too many tables, and if you do not want to follow the crowd, then These tables may not be able to meet your taste.

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 Series PAM00724
Product Type: PAM00724
Domestic price: ¥ 49600
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: P.5000
Case material: stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 300 meters
Watch Comments: The price, in fact, I still really want to recommend Panerai, although not so hot a few years ago, but need to know is that it is still a very popular brand, the most important is that it’s pillow Case, is still a lot of people like the shell, square in the circle, it is consistent with people’s aesthetic. This watch is Panerai and the America’s Cup sailing together to launch the best replica watches review, strap red and blue stitching, is the most obvious symbol of the element. Blue small second hand, so that this watch is more dynamic and young personality, equipped with P.5000 internal automatic movement, on the whole, is a very tasteful entry-level luxury watch.

Bolasi INSTRUMENTS Series BR 03-94 RS17
Product Type: BR 03-94 RS17
Domestic price: ¥ 46900
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: BR-CAL.301
Case material: high-tech ceramics
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: about 50,000, many people may not choose Parkes, but in the face of high profile, it is very competitive. Black high-tech ceramic case, cool and very personal, very light, the dial is a carbon fiber layer, sense of technology is very strong, because this watch is Parkesh for racing cooperation and design, so the feeling of the racing car is still very strong , Rubber strap to wear very comfortable, with a square shape of the iconic Caselus watch, won the young people’s favorite. Parkes is a strange brand, like the Panerai that year, like people put it down, people do not like in any case can not love it.

Zenith Pilot Series 11.1943.679 / 63.C800
Product Type: 11.1943.679 / 63.C800
Domestic price: ¥ 42900
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 12.95 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: 679
Case material: retro steel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: In recent years with the hot sports watch, Zenith pilots when the table is also increasingly popular, Zenith is not the only one with the pilot luxury replica watches review brand, but I think its charm, more worthy of thin Product This watch is designed pilots table iconic onion head large crown, which comes from the early pilots wearing gloves for the convenience of operating the watch design, while making the old stainless steel case, bringing a very rich sense of the vicissitudes of life, there are very Rich locomotive taste. Large scale and pointer, are the same as the original pilot table, echoes. Bottom cover or official design, open to see the internal movement of the mechanical movement, very interesting.
To sum up: the choice of 50,000 yuan, there is really too much room to buy even the introductory section of the product, if you buy from other channels, and even buy a higher level of brand, then your fifty thousand yuan, will For whom?